Aircraft Maintainance Engineer (Mechanical B.1.1 / Avionics B2)

Aircraft Engineer is also called as Aircraft maintenance engineer and are usually referred as Licensed Aircraft Engineer. Aircraft Engineering involves in Maintenance and servicing of all parts of an Aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible to issue the Certificate of Flight Release/Maintenance in respect of aircraft, engine, instruments, electrical, radio system which certifies that the aircraft is airworthy and fit for flying, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer plays a major role among the maintenance personnel to keep the Aircraft ‘Airworthy’ all the time. No civil aircraft engaged in flying for hire and reward can be operated without being certified as Airworthy by the Aircraft. Just as pilots are trained and then licensed to fly, aircraft maintenance engineers are trained and licensed to maintain the aircraft to industry standard.
The maintenance of modern sophisticated aircrafts calls for high degree of technical knowledge competence and proficiency on the part of concerned personnel. Tremendous responsibility lies upon the Aircraft Engineers who are certifying the modern sophisticated Aircrafts manned by experienced crew trained at a high cost and great care carrying the precious load of ever-increasing number of passengers.

Available Specializations (Mechanical B1.1) & Avionics B2