Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a professional program, after doing which students become eligible to certify the airworthiness of Aircraft before each flight or after any minor or major repair and maintenance. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible to issue Certificate of Flight Release/Maintenance in respect of aircraft, engine, instruments, electrical, radio system which certifies that the aircraft is airworthy and fit for flying. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer plays a major role among the Maintenance personnel to keep the Aircraft ‘Airworthy’ all the time. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering candidates are the highest paid engineers in the world, in comparison to any other branch of engineering. Financial development of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is too fast.


With the changing trends of time and the “Boom in the Aviation Industry” is witnessing now a days, it has become a very lucrative and challenging profession for young, bright talents who are willing to work hard to make it big. The Aviation Market worldwide is growing with rising employment opportunities for the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.  Airline fleets are growing as the number of travelers are on the increase.  Statistics indicate that in the near future the aviation industry will have a high demand for Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The Maintenance Engineers of the Aviation Industry are one of the most elite groups of individuals who draw a high salary owing to their unique skill-set and incredible knowledge of aircraft maintenance, they are respected for their professionalism, dedication, and hard work throughout the world. Not only do they earn respect in India but also worldwide they are at a very high demand. This is the only Engineering domain where there is a wide scope to acquire inter-disciplinary knowledge.

To meet the growing need of the Passenger Airlines, Cargo Aircrafts, Private Air Taxi Operators, Business and Corporate jets there exists an urgent need for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Aircraft industries such as Airbus and Boeing are setting up Maintenance Repair Organizations in which there is a wide scope of job opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering assures promising future.

An accelerated growth in air traffic demand along with the rapid expansion of India’s civil aviation aircraft fleet, is expected to result in unavailability of highly-skilled resources for aircraft maintenance. The progressing nature of this field has inspired the need to develop professionally-trained engineers who are thoughtful to these standard shifts and equipped with the ability to undertake maintenance of aircraft.

Indian government’s Open sky policy-National Civil Aviation Policy, Regional connectivity policy-UDAN Scheme, tax exemptions on MRO industry, is boosting Indian Aviation Industry to achieve laurels in the field. Lot of new Aircrafts are being imported by Airlines, Scheduled operators, Non-Scheduled Operator, and Business house owners. All these factors are increasing the demand of skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel.