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Wingsss College of Aviation Technology Admission Process

The admission process at Wingsss College of Aviation Technology in Pune is primarily based on meeting the prescribed qualifications and merit criteria set by the institution. Eligible candidates have the option to choose between online or offline admission modes based on their preference and convenience.

Online Admission Process

To register for online admission, candidates must visit our college website and fill out the admission form. They should then submit the required documents and pay the registration fees. Once completed, candidates can confirm their provisional admission. For further guidance or to check eligibility criteria, they should contact the college administration.

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Admission Offer

After completing the application process, prospective students will receive information about their admission status and any merit-based scholarship they may have been awarded. If the admission decision is positive and the student meets all mandatory criteria set by both regulatory authorities and the institute, they will receive an admission offer letter. This offer letter will remain valid until the date specified in the letter.

If the admission decision is negative due to any reasons, the student will be informed about the deficiencies and given a limited time to resolve them. However, the prescribed fees must be paid within the specified time limit mentioned in the Admission Offer Letter. Failure to do so will result in the seats being allocated to the next applicant without further communication.

Confirmation of Admission

Upon successful completion of the admission process outlined above, the student will be officially enrolled in the institute. They will then receive notification from the institute regarding the commencement of the session, along with details about the rules and regulations of the institute.

All communication regarding the enrollment, session commencement, and institute regulations will be sent to the student’s registered email address and mobile number provided during the registration process.

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